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APS GATE Identification and Testing

The Atlanta Public Schools Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Department has released a new video designed to inform stakeholders about the 17-18 gifted identification process.  The video is approximately 23 minutes in length and discusses, in detail, each step of the process so that parents interested in having their child tested understand the procedures in place. Please also refer to the FAQs.

SPARK parents are reminded that any parent wishing to refer their child for testing must do so by the cut-off date of noon on September 29, 2017.  All parent referral forms must be completed and turned in to Ms. Slack’s mailbox in the Briarcliff front office.  No extensions will be honored as all rosters, test orders, and schedules are created with the names on file at COB on this date.  Thank you for your understanding!

Please visit the APS Gifted website for more information for identification and assessment.

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Challenge News

Gifted and Talented Education
Gifted Testing Results

All data pertaining to gifted testing has been returned to the school and the gifted team is busy disaggregating the data to determine eligibility results. Individual reports are being created and will be sent home with students on Thursday, May 3rd. Those students who qualify for services will begin classes next school year. To help […]

Gifted and Talented Education
GATE Testing Parent Referrals Due 9/29

The APS GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Department will continue the process established last school year for gifted identification purposes. There will be two testing windows – one in the fall for those students who have previously tested (referred to as 2nd looks) and have current data. The next window will take place in December-February […]

Gifted and Talented Education
GATE Results and Process

Gifted testing eligibility results were sent home with students Friday (5/8). Those students qualifying for services will begin next school year and parent permission forms should be returned to Ms. Slack’s mailbox by Friday, May 19th. Because parents may have questions about the testing process, the OGATE team from APS central office will hold an […]

Gifted and Talented Education
GATE Travel

Next year’s gifted and talented student travel has officially been approved! On October 19-20, 2017, GATE students have the opportunity to visit Georgia’s Barrier Islands. During spring break 2018, GATE students have the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica. Please read the attached documents carefully. Please note that these trips are not planned by SPARK […]

16-17 GATE Testing Is Complete

The GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) department has completed all gifted testing for the 16-17 school year.  Many SPARK students participated in the process this year as either a 2nd look (with some data on file) or as 1st look (no or expired data) candidates.  All of the testing materials have been sent for scoring […]