School Supplies

Online Supply Kits

EduKitEach spring an option for parents to buy supply kits online is offered which will be shipped directly to the school. The ship-to-school deadline has passed, but you can still order and have the kit shipped to your home. The 2019-2020 school supplies are now available to purchase via EduKit. Supply kit orders will be shipped to your home, and must be placed by June 20, 2019.

Questions about kits? Contact Jenny Lockwood.

School Supply Lists

If you choose not buy an online kit in the spring, you may bring supplies to Sneak Peek or first day of school (Aug. 12, 2019).

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

FAQs About Online Supply Kits

Why should I do this (v. traditional shopping)?

  • Saves time and gas. Each box is precisely what your teacher requested.
  • Boxes are shipped directly to school. Your work is done. No carrying heavy supplies into school.
  • Each box is personalized with your child’s name, grade, school name.
  • Previous year’s online box price was comparable to in-store prices.

What’s the difference between the online list and the traditional shopping list?

No Difference! Teachers supplied the same list to the online vendor.

I’d rather just shop in-store.

No problem! Look above for each grade’s printable shopping list. Bring supplies to Sneak Peek or first day of school.
Please note: Try to buy the best quality at the best price, but the specific brand names are optional. If you cannot find everything on the list, do the best you can and maybe buy something extra of another item on the list.
Tips for shopping on your own: purchase during Georgia’s Back to School Tax Free Holiday weekend, use bulk purchases for things you also use in your home, or coordinate with friends and neighbors to develop a purchasing group to reduce time going to find supplies at the best price.

What about Challenge supplies?

The challenge team is not participating in the online supply program this year. Each teacher will send their own list after school starts.

Why does the online ordering window happen so EARLY?

We give parents time to order and still allow the vendor six weeks to organize and ship the boxes before school starts. Please note that an ordering option (Ship to Home) will be available from mid-June through mid-July at a slightly higher cost due to extra shipping fees.

I love the online box program and want to help!

Cool! We need parent volunteers to help deliver the supplies to the classrooms during Parent Work Days. Signup or contact