Operations and Policies

Campus Operations and Physical Resources
Director: H. P. Ladds
Grounds/Playground Committee
Chair: OPEN
The Grounds/Playground Committee identifies safety concerns and improvements on the grounds of SPARK.
Media Center Committee
Chair:  OPEN
The Media Center Committee provides volunteers to check-out and re-shelve books, laminate materials for teachers and provide other assistance in the Media Center. Parents may volunteer for a 1 or 2 hour shift or help with special events.
Lamination Volunteers
Contact:  OPEN
Lamination volunteers are trained in the use of the school lamination equipment. Volunteers laminate items for the Media Center and teachers.
Media Center Volunteers
Contact:  OPEN
Media Center volunteers check-out and re-shelve books and assist students with selecting books.
Special Needs Chair: OPEN
The Special Needs Committee focuses on those students receiving special needs services.
Transportation & Safety Committee Chair:  OPEN
The Transportation & Safety Committee works along with Atlanta Public Schools to create safe and organized bus route schedules for SPARK children, organize and distribute carpool numbers and to address the safety needs of pedestrians and cyclists. Please contact the bus captains with specific questions.
Bus routes volunteers work with APS transportation to provide feedback on SPARK bus routes and answer questions from parents. Bus route volunteers also serves as captains for individual bus routes.  More info…
Contact:  OPEN
Carpool volunteers assist SPARK administration with organizing and distributing carpool numbers and answer questions from parents.
Contact:  OPEN
Cycling volunteers provide feedback on issues related to parents and children who cycle to SPARK and answer questions from parents.
Contact:  OPEN
Pedestrian volunteers provide feedback on issues related to parents and students who walk to SPARK and answer questions from parents.