Attendance policy is set by APS. Students are expected to be present at school and arrive and depart on time according to the provisions of the Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law. Students who are absent or tardy will miss valuable instruction time and other important school activities. Chronic tardiness and absence from school will result in a student being less likely to master skills, concepts, and principles needed to achieve on his or her respective grade level. Also, absenteeism and tardiness are disruptive to the “teaching-learning” process. After five (5) absences or tardies, parents will be contacted by school officials to provide assistance with resolving student absenteeism or tardiness. Additionally, absenteeism is factored into our school’s overall College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) score released by the Georgia Department of Education. Please help us to continue our reputation as a high-performing school and keep absenteeism to an absolute minimum.