During the 2017-2018 school year, our SPARK leaders really wanted to hone in on what it means to “Be SPARK” within our staff, students and community as a whole. This school has always had 4 simple rules to govern how we behave:

  1. Be a Good Citizen
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Responsible
  4. Be Green

These 4 simple rules were developed to help students to be mindful in how they interact while on campus. But, we noticed this isn’t just for students and not just for while at school. These are characteristics and attributes that carry over into our everyday lives. Just about every action or every decision can be measured against these 4 simple rules. This is what it means to Be SPARK.

As an effort to acknowledge those who truly exemplify what it means to #BeSPARK,  SPARK has started a new tradition in affirmation of our Be SPARK theme. Each month during the school year, one student from each class and one teacher will be selected as our Teacher and Students of the month. The students recognized are those who have exemplified being a good citizen, being respectful,  being responsible, and being green. The teacher recognized showed over and beyond good “SPARK”manship.  These students and staff will have their pictures displayed for the month as well as be invited to a special reception where parents can see them receive their certificate. 

Congratulations to Our Students of the Month & Teacher of the Month!

December 2017

Teacher of the Month

  • Dr. Hutto (3rd Grade)



Students of the Month

  • Adriel Morel
  • Aila Harris
  • Ava Anderson
  • Beshoy Eldaif
  • Brandon Ellis
  • Camden Locke
  • Davis Fenger
  • Deven Patel
  • Elise Hardwick
  • Elsa Baxley
  • Etta Cohn
  • Galia Fuentes
  • Gianna Bergantino
  • Harry Pollet
  • Charlie Tedder
  • Jack Ellen
  • Katie Johnson
  • Kiefer Manson
  • Koen Short
  • Link Healen
  • Maddox Karpinsk
  • Mason Almassy
  • McCall Murphee
  • Nathaniel Berman
  • Neil Sevigny
  • Paige Donadson
  • Riley Cohn
  • Ronnie Mendez Perez
  • Sude Naz Pazarbasi
  • Vedanth Jay Gopinathan
  • William Greeson

November 2017

Teacher of the Month

  • Ms. Steigerwalt (4th Grade)


Specialized Teachers of the Month

  • Mrs. Madlem (SEL)
  • Ms. Bryant (Humanities)
  • Dr. Naman (STEM)


Students of the Month

  • Adriana Vasquez
  • Alec Glover
  • Aquiles Christie Pruillet
  • Ayanni Abrams
  • Betsy Winner
  • Eva Ipolito
  • Gray Harward
  • Isla Kualli
  • Jackson Cummings
  • Joshua Williams
  • JT Cummings
  • Larkin McCormack
  • Lillian Pursifill
  • Lora Williams
  • Mae Leach
  • Margo Smith
  • Martina Fernandez
  • Melody Jennings
  • Micah Reiner
  • Milli Asher
  • Olivia Hodson
  • Patrick Rebillot
  • Saddie Witten
  • Sara Shepard
  • Sasha Ziegler
  • Sophia Levine
  • Sophie Lee
  • Stephen Gilbert
  • Virginia Blalock
  • Will Ellen
  • Zach Chan
  • Zamaria Grinton  Dane

October 2017

Teacher of the Month
  • Angela Braun McMichael (1st grade)

Students of the Month

  • Abby Taylor
  • Aine Mahony
  • Alison Berman
  • Anna Ward
  • Anya Parssinen
  • Brooke Ryan
  • Charlotte Ante
  • Daniel Peng
  • Elise Corson
  • Elle Anderson
  • Evan Lin
  • Geri Harding
  • Heidi Hu
  • Jason Zgonc
  • Kalea Ward
  • Kate Richards
  • Kayden Osipow
  • Lark Elizabeth
  • Lia Sinitere
  • London jones
  • Mariko Wu
  • Nina Marder
  • Nora Weitz
  • Nora Witten
  • Peyton Smith
  • Phifer Budo
  • Sabrina Guise
  • Sophia Jiminez-Machado
  • Trent Parssinen