Cafeteria and Lunch

Springdale Park Café FAQ’s

We have a beautiful, large bright space for our students to enjoy during lunch. With that in mind, we have asked our students to treat their lunchtime as time spent in a restaurant. We are focusing on respectful behaviors that promote healthy digestion and good conversation, like all enjoyable meals should!

What are the behavior expectations in the Springdale Park Café?
Students are asked to remain seated and keep conversation at a comfortable level. If they need something, they are to raise their hand and request either supplies, assistance, or permission to get up. When classical music is played, students are expected to sit quietly and focus on eating. This usually occurs once per lunch wave, for 3-5 minutes.

cafeteria rulesWho is monitoring the students in the cafeteria this year?
There is one full time monitor, Mrs. Mahony (aka Ms. Shawna) in the cafeteria. There is also a rotation of Kindergarten para-professionals and other SPARK staff throughout the lunch waves.

How can I help as a parent?
There are several ways that you can help support the Springdale Park Café. You may sign up for a volunteer shift. You can also practice opening lunchbox containers with your child at home. If you pack your child’s lunch, please remember to pack eating utensils, a napkin, and a water bottle or other drink (No sodas, please!). These items are available in the lunchroom, but packing them ensures that your child can begin eating immediately when seated.

My child has a food allergy; what precautions are made in the cafeteria to prevent allergic reactions?
As a rule, we ask students to NEVER share food. Children may be reseated if an allergy issue is identified. Please remind them of this at home. Additionally, staff are trained to identify allergic reactions, and in an identified emergency may administer an Epi pen.

Are visitors allowed to eat in the Springdale Park Café?
Yes, we have space for a few visitors in each class. Your child would love to have you, and the Springdale Park Café would too! You don’t even need a reservation!

  • Sign in as a Visitor at the Front Office
  • Please avoid bringing candy or treats for the class during lunch time. (And it’s not a good time for a teacher conference.)

How are children seated in the Café?
Students sit with their classes at assigned tables.