Cafeteria and Lunch

Springdale Park Café FAQ’s

This year we have a larger, more inviting space in our cafeteria. With that in mind, we have asked our students to treat their lunchtime as time spent in a restaurant. We are focusing on respectful behaviors that promote healthy digestion and good conversation, like all enjoyable meals should!

cafeteria2What are the behavior expectations in the Springdale Park Café?

  1. Be responsible! Stay in your seats during lunch.
  2. Be respectful! Use lunch time to visit with friends and enjoy your meal. No electronics.
  3. Be a good citizen! Please “bus” your own table when you are dismissed.
  4. Be green!-Keep trash and recyclables in your own eating space until your class is dismissed.

Who is monitoring the students in the cafeteria this year?
Our kindergarten paraprofessionals are serving as monitors during 30 minute shifts. There is one assigned per grade level in 1st-4th, and there are two paraprofessionals during the kindergarten lunch shift. The 5th grade lunch shift is monitored by specials teachers, who serve as lunch monitors one day per week.

How are the students rewarded for good choices in the cafeteria?
We have implemented a Frequent Diner Reward Card System. This system is designed to promote positive behavior and reward classes who meet those expectations. The program is outlined below.

  1. All classes have a Frequent Diner card posted on the bulletin board in the lunchroom.
  2. When a class has met the Café Expectations for the day, the monitor will punch the class card. There are green, yellow and red cups at the end of the tables. These are used to visually signal to each class how well they are meeting those expectations. Every class begins on green. Yellow is a warning. A green cup at the end of the lunch period is a signal to the class that they have earned a punch in their card for the day.
  3. After a class has earns 5 punches, the card is dropped into the Raffle envelope and is entered into the monthly Dining Prize Raffle. The more cards in the envelope, the higher the chance of winning!
  4. On the last school day of the month, the winning class will be announced.

Rewards to choose from:

  • Lunch with Mr. Harness
  • Outside picnic with Dr. Stoner
  • Tablecloth and flowers for your table
  • A small dessert item
  • Other suggested rewards

How can I help as a parent?
There are several ways that you can help support the Springdale Park Café. You may sign up for a volunteer shift. You can also practice opening lunchbox containers with your child at home. If you pack your child’s lunch, please remember to pack eating utensils, a napkin, and a water bottle or other drink (No sodas, please!). These items are available in the lunchroom, but packing them ensures that your child can begin eating immediately when seated. If students need utensils, water, or the restroom, they may raise their hands to secure permission from a monitor.

What changes have been made from last year (2013-2014)?
There is no longer a Reading table or book cart, though students may bring a book with them if they prefer to read at lunch. Electronics should be left at home. We are encouraging students to socialize and enjoy their meals during lunch. When electronics are brought to lunch, it becomes very difficult to monitor the content of the games and apps that are being used. We also respect that electronic games and devices are expensive, so we want to minimize the chance of them being lost or broken.

My child has a food allergy; what precautions are made in the cafeteria to prevent allergic reactions?
We have established an allergy seating area in the cafeteria. Your child is encouraged to sit at this table if his/her allergy necessitates. In addition, we ask students to NEVER share food. Please remind them of this at home.

Are visitors allowed to eat in the Springdale Park Café?
Yes, we have space for a few visitors in each class. Your child would love to have you, and the Springdale Park Café would too! You don’t even need a reservation!

  • Sign in as a Visitor at the Front Office (Mr. Waites) and make sure you get a nametag.
  • Please avoid bringing candy or treats for the class during lunch time. (And it’s not a good time for a teacher conference.)

How are children seated in the Café?
Students sit with their class. Fourth graders currently have assigned seats.

Here are some other things Ms. Adamo is working on (in 2014) for our Café, with teachers and the PTO:

  1. Funding for a composting cart. We are in discussions about how volunteers might move compost to our rooftop garden.
  2. Recycling plan for items not like applesauce and juice pouches (items that can’t go in regular recycling process).