Community & Good Byes

SPARK Families!

We have made it to the last week of school and somehow it all seems like a blur. I started my first week at SPARK a little nervous, anxious, worried about what the year may hold and in my last week I feel great, confident and a true part of the SPARK community. I am happy. An important part of being happy includes helping those around you. Helping others doesn’t cost a thing or even necessarily take up a lot of time. It is as easy as being present and really listening to someone when they need it, or sharing your talents and interests to someone who is interested. I feel that I have been able to do that at SPARK each and every day and I know that the teachers at SPARK feel the same way.

We have some amazing teachers at SPARK that have worked with your children over the course of years. Many of our teachers have grown in their profession right along side of your kids day in day out. They have experienced their successes and failures right by their side. They have suffered through rainy day indoor recesses and a few broken bones, cheered them on in the big game, and gave them a hug when they needed it. Our teachers are truly special. With that said, we do have a few amazing teachers who will be leaving SPARK this year. Despite the begging and pleading to them to stay, many of these teachers are moving to a school closer to home or have decided to be a full time mom. Regardless of their reasons, they will and forever be a part of SPARK! Please take a moment this week to reach out to Mrs. Bryant in Kindergarten, Mrs. Chalpan in Kindergarten, Mrs. Emerson in 1st grade, Mrs. Hall in 2nd grade and Mrs. Badger in 4th grade to let them know how much you appreciate what they have done for your child at SPARK. I know they would greatly appreciate it!

One last person that I want to let you know about that will be leaving is the amazingly incomparable, highly fashionable, and super workaholic, Dr. Dawn Stoner. Dr. Stoner has been everything I never knew I wanted in an Assistant Principal. She is phenomenal and we will miss her. Dr. Stoner is following a life long dream this summer and will be moving to the United Arab Emirates as an Instructional Math coach. After living in Atlanta for 24 years, she decided it was time for a change and she is certainly going to get that. I know the SPARK community will miss her and I certainly will.

Thank you for a wonderful school year at SPARK! I look forward to what year #2 has in store! We will see you at the Sneak Peek on Friday, July 28th!

Enjoy your summer break and keep reading!

Terry Harness