2017-18 Supporters

SPARK SupportersWe appreciate all of those who have given to the SPARK Supporters Annual Fund so far!  Don’t see your name? Then please donate.  Our volunteers make every effort to update this list weekly.  If you see an error, please accept our apologies and kindly let us know.

$1000 +

Avramenko Family
Nigel & Jenn Packer
Molly & Michael Paulson
The Otoski Family
Mark and Laura Rebillot
The Shields Family
Melissa Frawley and Steve Tedder
Ed and Kristina Thomas
Sara Scott & Elizabeth Walton

$500 - 999

Jeff and Leanne Anderson
Beinenson Family
Alex and Jessica Clay
Catherine Lewis and John Companiotte
Gregg Family
Katie and Ryan Healan
The Jordan Family
Susan and Jimmy Lin
Arvind Reddy
Suzanne Macpherson and Tyler Ryan
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Segerman
Jim and Shelley Sexton

$250 - 499

Michael Osipow and Shirine Allam
Randal & Chris Antle
Stephen & Stephanie Barlow
The Bergantino Family
Karen Borrell
Ali & Jon Bradway
Leslie Choy-Hee
Miguel Christie
Jamie & Allison DelMedico
The Depenbrok Family
The deRijke Family
Todd and Heather Dominey
Phil and Lauren Ellen
Sharon & Todd Erickson
Feriozzi-Montgomery Family
De La Pena Goya Family
Kevin Geurtsen
Kim Gnatt
Tina and James Gooch
Ken and Laura Griggs
Dan and Honora Handley
David and Jennifer Hardwick
Leila & Gerardo Holmann
Lata and Suneal Jannapureddy
Jennifer and Ben Johnson
The Jurkovic Family
Paula Ward and Gail Kirkland
Jeff Leach
The Monfalcones
Karen Kopecky and Scott Newman
HP Ladds
The Nichols Family
Calvin & Celia O’Keeffe
Lauren Prevost
Kim and Mike Ryan
Sabrina Kwon & Mustufa Salehbhai
Laurie and Gary Sheehan
Traci & Michael Sinitiere
The Stringer Family
The Tinney-Stotz Family
Joseph Ventura
Georganne and Jeff Wasick
Jon and Julie Witten
Julie Winner
The Zeigler-Amon Family

$100 - 249

Karon Abe
Bryan & Hayley Alli
John Ames
Sameer And Shaili Asher
Jan & Steven Barton
Jennifer Berman
Jennifer Braswell
Jonathan & Jill Byers
The Carter Family
The Centner Family
The Chaiken Family
Hui Chen
Solange Claudio
Stephen Coffey
Pete Corson
The Crenshaw-Wilson Family
Chris and Allyson Cummings
Jean & Kristin D’Amico
Lianne and Eric Deren
The Einhorn Family
Meredith Evans
Nancy and Zach Eyles
Andrew and Laura Fritts
Fuentes Family
Deirdre & Keith Fleming
Jacob Gauthier
Carrie Glover
The Guiths
Tay and Akshay Gupta
Andrew and Tracey Harding
Michelle Henderson
Ryan and Cat Hoelker
The Holmes Family
Amanda Ashworth and David Hosking
Tracy Janov
Jaramillo Family
The Johnson Family
Jay & Michelle Karpinsky
Ziad Kazzi
Becca & Brandon Kirby
Renee and Zach Klein
The Knight Family
The Lee Family
Kathy and Scott Locklear
Michelle Tyde and John McBroom
Wendy McCoy
Johanna Wise and Jeff Mekolites
Bob Baxley and Adrienne Murray
Seamus Nguyen and Family
Raj Patel
Mary and Ashley Peck
Iraci & Keith Pennachio
Grether Pereira Family
Pat and Tessa Pickren
Ashley & Josh Pollet
Jon and Maggie Pugh
Nathan and Carrie Pursifull
The Reiner Family
Paul & Jill Rothstein
Christopher and Malinda Sandman
Justin and Gabrielle Seeby
The Small Family
The Somach Family
Mary and Mark Stouffer
Aleta Mills-Stubin and Adam Stubin
Jake and Ann Carter Sussman
Antoine R. Trammell
William and Lida Valentine
Carla and Dan Walsh
Stephanie Allen and RIchard Wang
Bryan Myerson Ward
Matt Ward
Adam and Tammy Williams
Vanessa and Patrick Yee
Drew and Alicia Zarges

$5 - 99

Mishka Barnes
Jessica Barrett
Cassie Berry
Tonya Brooks
Nakia Bryant
Chris and Erin Buda
Candice Butler
Kim Carr
Carla Clack
Hannah Clark
The Curran Family
Taylor Deushane
Valerie English
Estes Family
Jacquelyn Evans
Lorna Evans
Susie Fellows
Marla and Sean Ferrell
Roslyn Ferrell
Chandler Freeman
Jennifer Gilbert
Robbin Glass
Victor Glaze
Erin Glover
Mrs. Griffin
Marthe Gulledge
Mike Harris
Coach Harrison
Dr. Selina Hutto
Roy Jackson
Soyoung Kim
Julie Kimble
Jon King
Ankita Kumar
LaChaunda Largie
Jenny Lockwood
Corrie Madlem
The Mahony Family
Mindy Mailman
Elon Marquis-Dunn
Meghan McCloskey
Michelle McDaniel
Jessie Metaferia
Kimberly Muhlheim
Abbie McCafferty
Sherman McKie
Angela McMichael
Kimberly McWIlliams
Meeghan Murray
Dr. Whitney Naman
Lori and Jonathan Nash
Quiante Neal
Jennifer Peebles
Kati & Drew Phillips
Beth Pirnstill
Sara Pruett
Terreon Randolph
Megan Rattray
Young Rhee
Marissa Rhoades
Brooke Richardson
Fannie Rollerson
Shannon Santiago
Quiana Scott
Holly Seddon
Emily Heberlein & Eric Sevigny
Nadine McKenzie-Shand
Monica Slack
Lisa Smith
Radiah Smith
The Solomon Family
Katie Steigerwalt
Jake and Laura Strong
Donna Taylor
Dr. Jennifer Toney
Mary Thurman
Brianne Turgeon
Eric & Sacha Turpin
Sandy Wade
Monica Waldman
Perri Chandler and Mike Wall
Tamla Watkins
Sherrie Weber
Shenise White
Charlene Williams
Dr. Yolanda Windham
Edith Woods
Heath Woodward
Joseph Morris and Amy Youngman
Yuchan Family
Yan Zhang