GO Team Meeting Thursday To Review APS Perimeter Fencing Proposal

All are welcome to join!
5:00pm in room 108 (SPARK band/orchestra room)

SPARK’s GO Team has worked hard over the last two years, in collaboration with Atlanta Public Schools, to address the lack of perimeter fencing. In November 2017, the GO Team formed a SPARK Campus Safety Sub-Committee which worked with an APS security consultant to identify and make recommendations to APS for the design of a perimeter fence. During Thursday’s meeting, we will review APS’ proposal that aligns with the GO Team’s priorities and recommendations. The community will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback prior to the GO Team voting to take action on APS’ proposal for the fence structure.

Primary Priorities

  • Deter unwanted visitors to access SPARK campus
  • Prevent students from attempting to leave the campus during the school day
  • Ensure students have an appropriate barrier/structure during outdoor time (i.e., recess, evacuation, special events) that will limit access to Ponce de Leon Ave.
  • Develop a design that provides the most value for the SPARK community in using the entirety of the campus
  • Allow for easy evacuation of the school community when needed/in emergency

Secondary Priorities

  • Limit unwanted access from the public on SPARK campus 24/7
  • Prevent domestic animals from accessing SPARK campus
  • Creating a sustainable solution to ensure campus safety
  • Develop an aesthetically appropriate design to fit with the neighborhood as much as is feasible

Recommendations for Structure

  • Recognize that the “back” of SPARK’s campus faces Ponce de Leon Avenue
  • Install an 8’ high fence which is consistent with other APS properties for the back of the campus
  • Install rod iron fence that is aesthetically pleasing where the fence is visible, such as along Springdale Road and Ponce de Leon Avenue and use black galvanized fencing for other areas in need of a fence
  • Fence should align with the perimeter of SPARK’s full campus and not include interior additional fences which break up the campus
  • Move the garbage dumpster to the exterior of the fence aligned with the bus lanes and enclose
  • The Rutland Building is not currently a sufficient secure barrier and needs to be reinforced or a fence needs to run along the sidewalk
  • Establish gates for badge entry for SPARK administrators and staff for parking lot near bus lane, near side gym door, and on the side of the Briarcliff building at the far end of the turf courtyard.
  • Ensure fence runs along the rest of the SPARK property next to apartments and new development.

Click here for additional information on SPARK’s GO Team.