Grow Bravely

Terry HarnessI love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.
~ Leonardo da Vinci

Reflection isn’t just a skill for adults, nor is it only beneficial when things aren’t going well. Reflecting upon a past situation is a good way to build wisdom and confidence at any age. It’s a little like developing a handbook for personal conduct. Reflection allows us to consider the choices we make when life throws us a curve ball: how we should behave, what we should do or not do. It’s how we mature. It’s how we grow in personal and moral strength. It helps us brave the storm and be better prepared for the next.

As the year wraps up, this is an opportunity to reflect on all of the great things that have happened at SPARK over the course of the school year and for ways to improve from one year to the next. Each year as a teacher or administrator we sit in our classrooms or offices and think to ourselves, how did that go? How was that lesson that I just taught, or that event we just put on for new parents? We spend hours planning and thinking about what we want to do and when we think we have it all figured out, something pops up and surprises us. This happens more often than most would imagine but we do what we can at the moment and we plug along. Reflection is an integral step in improving our practice and I am glad that we are a school that is committed to doing just that. We are not perfect, but we are a hard working group that loves where we work, the children we work with and the parents who support it all.

Thanks is in order to our amazing PTO Board and our PTO Co-Presidents, Catherine Lewis and Steve Gregg. Our PTO has worked long and hard to ensure that we have everything we need for our kids and that we have the parent support needed to accomplish our goals. Through their fundraising efforts we have added to our technology and leveled book room and provided each teacher in the building with additional resources and supplies as needed. Thank you to Nicole Horn and Sara Ziegler is also in order as we have them to thank for leading our Governance Board efforts throughout the last two years and working with Druid Hills and APS on our SPARK perimeter fencing, improving our safety and security on both Ponce and Briarcliff roads with striping and signage, as well as helping write and implement our SPARK strategic plan. Thank you for everything!

Next week will be a very busy week with awards ceremonies, end of year celebrations and that last day where we see our 5th graders walk the halls of SPARK for the last time as an elementary school student. I had the good fortune of hanging out with our 5th graders in Ocoee this past week and I must admit that they are a great group of kids. We will miss them terribly.

We hope to see you this week during awards week and stay tuned for back to school information in June and July! J

Enjoy the summer and see you next year!

Terry Harness