Inman Connection Selection Sheet Rising 6th Graders

6th grade students have the option to be a part of Band, Chorus, and Orchestra at Inman Middle School. These are the only year-long classes offered to 6th graders. They will have the option of year-long languages in 7th and 8th grade.

Inman offers three different options for enrolling in connections courses:

  1. TWO year-long music classes (Band, Chorus, Orchestra)
  2. ONE year-long music class and TWO randomly assigned semester classes
  3. FOUR randomly assigned semester classes (Art, PE, Health, Theater Arts, JLC, Career Awareness, Connections Spanish, or Connections Latin)

Students do not have to have prior experience in Band, Chorus, or Orchestra in order to take these classes in 6th grade.

Please return the Connections form by Tues, 5/22.