Making the Streets and Campus Safer at SPARK

SPARK GO Team and PTO have been working collaboratively for a few years to improve the safety of the streets bordering SPARK’s campus and SPARK campus ground safety. We are pleased to share the news that the speed limit has finally been changed on Briarcliff Road to 25MPH during school arrival and dismissal times. Additionally, some signs have been installed on Ponce de Leon Avenue reminding drivers of the school zone and ‘School Zone’ has been painted on the roadways. We expect more flashing lights and signs to be installed in the next 2 weeks. APS has made commitments to have a law enforcement officer at the HAWK signal on Briarcliff in the morning and afternoon to assist those who walk to and from school. Finally, we continue to pursue options to limit access to SPARK campus and ensure a safe playground area. Please keep an eye out for improvements in the coming weeks. We appreciate SPARK Administration’s leadership and commitment to working with us to make SPARK’s campus as safe as possible. If you would like to help efforts to improve SPARK’s campus safety, please contact Sara Zeigler or Karin Greeson.