Music Notes

To celebrate our 10th year of SPARK being open we are going to make it special! Joanna Senter and Celise Kalke have stepped up and done some inspiring things to help us develop our Spring Concert into a showcase. Please see details below.

*   Wednesday “tutorial” (5/15) will be cancelled., because 5th graders will be gone on their trip, and I’ll be at S. Atlanta High with 8 of our singers for the APS Elementary Music Festival. Everyone’s welcome to see the show at 6:00pm at S. Atlanta High School!
*   GCMC kids, we will meet on Thursday at 5:30 to close out the year, and stay for the 6pm show of The Little Mermaid put on by Hope-Hill’s Chorus and Ms. Kingston!


Please note the following rehearsals and call times:

Monday, May 20 Full Dress rehearsal 5pm-8pm–parents may drop students off at the Grady Auditorium at Grady High School. Chorus/AC  (Chorus/AC no uniform Monday, but yes uniform Tuesday) other performers (full uniforms, props, etc.) Students may bring dinner/snack, books or quiet activities for their down times. We’ll be putting together a show, so we’ll have up times and in between the kids will be in the audience area waiting quietly for their next part. If you’d like to chaperone contact Joanna

Tuesday, May 21 Call time 5pm. Concert begins at 6:30pm. Parents may drop performers/crew off, then come back. We’d like to have some surprises for you, so unless you’re a chaperone, please don’t plan to stay during warmup. Doors open at 6:15pm.

Yes, we WILL have AC this Friday (5/17) AND on the last day of school. I can’t think of a better way to end my year than be with these singers.

Brianne Turgeon, Music/Chorus Teacher
GMEA Elementary Division Chair-Elect