Principal’s Corner

Terry HarnessDemocracy transformed from thin paper to thick action is the greatest form of government on earth.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

To participate in our democracy is to strengthen it. But what makes us want to contribute? How do we teach our young people that their potential is intrinsically connected to the success of our society? We must start that instruction in our classrooms by showing them how to engage in civil discourse and respectful action when it comes to any exchange of ideas about our democracy. Recently, our 5th graders participated in a democratic exercise where they came together to vote on a movie selection for our SPARK Family Movie Night! We need to stress the importance of being involved and educated for the betterment of our collective futures. But most important of all, we must model these behaviors so we help advance what truly is important – our children’s future.

As you know, our PTO and SPARK needs your help in contributing to the overall success of our students. There are two ways that you can do that – Be There and Give Back! We have a great school in Springdale Park but we know that our success is partly due to how our community supports the school financially and through volunteerism. Your contributions lead to so many wonderful opportunities for kids. From field trips far and wide, to GA Tech Laser presentations, Building and Maker Space Opportunities, access to online educational resources, technology and equipment and spaces designed to promote student physical activity and we can’t do it without you!!!! I encourage you to support SPARK PTO and Springdale Park by contributing to the PTO. We are no where near where we want to be but with your help we know we can close those gaps.

Each year SPARK monitors student attendance and tardies. This year we have done an excellent job of getting our kids to school! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Currently, we have an attendance rate of 96.5%! This shows that 97.2% of our students have been at school every day or with only a maximum of 2 days missed. This is phenomenal and we are very close to leading the Grady Cluster in attendance rate this year. Having students at school each and every day is the best way to support the growth of your child and we are appreciative of those efforts. We know that things happen and kids get sick, that is a part of life, but please continue to do your best not to schedule family vacations during the school year! We want and need our kids in school! Lastly, kids arriving to school on time daily is very important. Keep in mind that when a student arrives tardy to school, they are starting their day off behind their peers and possibly a bit more stressed out. Please remember that tardies begin to add up and where a student may be tardy 5 minutes every day, that equates to 25 minutes of morning instruction weekly.

Thanks for all you do and your continued support! See you around SPARK this week!

Mr. Terry Harness