Principal’s Corner

Terry HarnessIt is the heart that does the giving; the fingers only let go.
~ Nigerian proverb

It’s wonderful to receive a gift, isn’t it? Whether it’s a material gift or a gift of kindness. Most of us appreciate so much the gifts we receive that when we have the opportunity to give back, our fingers eagerly let go of what our hearts want to give.

As teachers every day we have an opportunity to bestow on our students the gift of listening and caring. We help teach our students of the joy of giving without any expectation of receiving. We do our best to exemplify what it’s like to have a giving heart and fingers willing to let go. This holiday season, let it all go. Give the gift of your heart. It’s priceless.

Once again the SPARK community has given our school so much and for that we are eternally grateful to know that you entrust your most prized possessions to us each and every day. We are a very fortunate school and we have the absolute best kids in it.

From the bottom of our heart, we want to wish you each a Happy Holiday and New Year! Every morning during announcements we recite this to our students, “Good, Better, Best…we never let it rest. Until our good becomes better and our better becomes our best.” Our best is yet to come and that is because of our wonderful SPARK community.

We will see you in the new year!

Few Reminders

  • Students report back to school on Monday, January 8th.
  • Report Cards will go home on Tuesday, January 9th.
  • Principal’s Coffee on January 11th, 7:30 – Topics of discussion will be Governance Board(Go Team), Perimeter Fencing, Wellness Policy; School Strategic Plan

Enjoy your Break!

Terry Harness